Good morning and happy FIRST Friday of Spring!  For many of us, this is a time of new beginning – and perhaps a renewal of the commitments we made to ourselves in January!  (Not resolutions, because remember, I don’t like resolutions!)  Since many of us believe that physical exercise is an important part of loving ourselves, it is fitting that today’s guest is the owner of Pure Vibe – a very special fitness space where you can get a 1 hour total workout in 10 minutes!  Tell me more, right?  In Dominica’s amazing interview below, she tells us how Pure Vibe came to be AND very kindly offers one lucky reader a chance to win 1 personal training session and 1 month UNLIMITED Pure Vibe Fusion and Bootcamp classes – valued at $190.  

I can’t think of a better way to say “Hello, Spring!” than that, can you?  

Without further ado, here’s Dominica! 

Hi Dominica!  Can you tell us a bit about your life before Pure Vibe?  What did you do with your days, what were your interests etc.?

After travelling the world for 10 years working onboard cruise ships working as a Cruise Director and visiting over 100 countries, two factors became apparently clear: do not take your health and time for granted. When you are working a high stress job 80 + hours a week, the only way to survive is to keep fit and healthy as moving is the #1 way to combat stress and disease. No matter how exhausted I was after pulling a 15-hour day in 4-inch stillettoes I always dragged myself up to the gym even if it was 10 or 11pm. It was my secret weapon and the one variable I could always rely on to stay healthy, focused and energized.

Moving is the #1 way to combat stress and disease.  Wow, that’s such a powerful statement – I think I need to put that up in my house…in several places!  What gave you the idea to open up a facility like Pure Vibe?

The most rewarding aspect about my job (…on the cruise ships…) was that I was able to meet 4500 new guests from around the globe every week. I found this experience truly inspiring as I witnessed energetic and happy men & women in their 40, 50, 60 & 70’s remain highly active and as a result looking years younger! It were these guests and my passion for health and wellness that inspired me to keep fit and fueled my passion of helping others “feel better, look better and live better” and gave me the vision to create Pure Vibe. As I strongly believe everyone should move daily, the #1 excuse I always hear is time.  Therefore, I wanted to offer a product that delivered maximum results in a limited amount of time and was achievable for all ages and abilities. It was then that I discovered the amazing fitness and health benefits of Whole Body Vibration and that you could actually receive a 1-hour workout in just 10 minutes! As someone that understands more than most what it is like to be spread thin with work and family life this was something that I knew would be amazing for all.  After being away for over 10 years I wanted to bring home something that would enrich the lives and improve the health of the community.

So, after 10 years at sea, it was finally time to turn my dream into a reality and that is why I moved to the world’s leader in fitness, health and preventative medicine: Palm Desert, California. In the Desert I had the cutting edge experts and resources at my fingertips. I was able to enrich my fitness and health training with the most current trends and hit all the major fitness and health expos in the surrounding area from Vegas to Scottsdale to Anaheim and beyond. I was on a mission to learn all I could and research the best quality and highest performing Whole Body Vibration Machines to offer my clients. After trying all 41 machines on the market I finally discovered Hypervibe and knew it was “the one” as it outperformed any other machine in its class and delivered maximum results.  It was the right fit for our studio. Therefore, more excited and confident than ever, it was time to move home to the city that loves to move to offer the most advanced fitness and health product on the market, which delivers amazing benefits and results in just 10 minutes!

Well, yay!  Welcome back!  How do you feel about the work you are doing now in helping women look and feel their best?

Helping others is an honor that I look forward to daily and being a part of their fitness, health and wellness journey is truly inspiring.  Instilling confidence and then witnessing the changes and triumphs is what keeps my energy high so I can continue to give 100% to each and every client. Having clients tell me daily that they haven’t felt better in years, their back pain is gone, they can finally run around with their kids, they are running their first Sun Run, they are sleeping through the night and have never felt more energized and stronger makes it all worth it.

It starts with a willingness to try and an open mind to change but when you do no matter what your age or ability you will see results and never look back.

What were some challenges you had to overcome in order to make this happen?

Finances, the city, tough clientele just to name a few. Being 100% self made with no angels in my life I’ve had to work extremely hard for what I have and continue to do so.  Starting a business in Canada vs. the US is far more complicated and there is a lot more red tape; they don’t make it easy for small businesses and you really have to fight for it. After working with guests and crew from around the globe the Vancouver market is by far the toughest I have had to endure.  The biggest issue with the Westside is the majority are asset rich but cash poor so you really have to work hard to earn a loyal client. Growing up 10 minutes from my studio and being a home owner 3 blocks from my studio it really caught me off guard as I thought I would be in my element back at home.  However, I was definitely wrong.  If you can start a business in Vancouver you can start a business anywhere!

Kudos to you for persevering; it sounds like you are no stranger to hard work and I’m sure it’s going to pay off!  What advice do you have to others who are hesitant on taking that leap to follow their own dreams?

Eliminate all “Joe Negatives” from your life and surround yourself with people that believe in you and are successful themselves as those are the ones that truly care about you.

If you’re not prepared to put in a 80 – 100 hours/week you’re not ready to start your own business.  However, if you are passionate about what you do, it’s not “work” and you will do whatever it takes to pursue your dream.  

Thank you so much, Dominica – you have obviously worked really hard and gave your dream your all.  I wish you lots of success doing what you love: keeping people well and happy!  And tonnes of gratitude to you for offering such a generous gift to a lucky reader!

The contest below is open till Friday March 29, 2013 – good luck!

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