Do you ever feel laughter-starved?  Like honest-to-goodness laughter.  Not just a half-smile-before-moving-on-to-the-next-task kind of thing but like a real belly-jiggling-oh-my-face-is-hurting-but-I-can’t-stop kind of thing.  It’s not that things aren’t funny, but sometimes I feel like the time I invest in actually appreciating them is minimal – not as heavily weighted as the time I spend doing other things.

Until a few days ago when my 5 year old nephew grabbed his mom’s iPhone and texted me with the 4 letters that had me actually lol‘ing:


What?!  I sputtered out loud.  And then when it sunk in what had happened and I pictured my sweet, big-brown-eyed nephew with that sneaky/excited smile on his face, I BURST into laughter.  My kids caught me doubled-over, phone still in my hand.

“What?  What’s so funny, Mom?” they chimed in, already giggling even though they had no idea what was going on.

“Poop!!!”  I exclaimed.  “Aiden texted me ‘poop!'”

“Let’s see, let’s see!”  My daughter grabbed my wrist to pull the phone closer to her.


And there we were, the 3 of us, standing next to the kitchen island, howling over a 4 letter word that had the capacity to actually make me laugh out loud.

Yesterday, my son and I were driving to the store and out of the blue, he says with a giggle, “Aiden text my mom poop!  Haha!”

I once read a church sign – and this was probably 25 years ago – that said, “He who laughs, lasts.”  With everything I have learned about laughter yoga through my friend, Nish, who is a certified instructor, I see the truth behind that quote.

When was the last time YOU actually lol‘d?  (Like when you type lol in your emails, texts or fbook messages – do you actually laugh out loud?  Just curious.)  Do you remember what it feels like to be out of control, doubled-over?  You know, when you’re laughing so hard, you’re actually just silently shaking until your body HAS to breathe in?!

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If every day life isn’t enough to make you laugh that hard, get out there and attend a comedy show, or watch a funny movie.  Go to a laughter yoga class and get that oxygen and blood flowing.  Take a friend so you can share the experience and then later re-live it over giggles.

If all else fails, text someone POOP today.  Guaranteed to work.


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