Good morning!  I must admit, I’m wearing my pj’s while putting this post together (something I consider a perk as a work-at-home mom) but for those of you who aren’t – how much thought did you put into your outfit today?  What’s your relationship with your wardrobe or fashion, in general?  This morning I have the pleasure to introduce you to Tairalyn Ciulla, a..k.a. Little Miss Mama, one of the Top 30 Mom Bloggers of Vancouver 2012.  She shares with us her history of her clothing admiration and what she’s done with it that has given her extra joy in her life! 

Please welcome, Tairalyn!

My passion for fashion goes far beyond the clothing I wear. Its a lifestyle, an emotional connection, and a love that goes far deeper than sequins, material and thread.

I remember life’s special moments in fashionable increments. From the first day of school to the day I delivered my baby girl. I recall all of my magical memories by what I chose to wear and its importance to me. Not many that I know have fashionable photographic memories like this, and for the day that I cross an individual like myself, I will be forever giddy.

I would hate to say my life has revolved around the clothes I wear, but in a way it has. I put a lot of thought into how I present myself, not because I worry about what others think of me, but how I feel when I walk in them. I have searched high and low for the small things in life that make me feel good, things that I can do each and everyday to live my life happily. Fashion has me continually blissful and shining from the inside out.
I have recently designed an outlet to further indulge in my passion, I write a Lifestyle and Fashion Blog, called Little Miss Mama. It gives me more ways to share and connect with others around the world than I ever thought possible. I post personal outfits, celebrity looks for less that I create, I play spot the steal every week and I even post recipes I’ve tried, that have had a huge success in my home. I take to the blog and get personal, deep and honest, and those that are listening actually care. Little Miss Mama has allowed to me open up on a level that make me feel like this journey I travel, finding happiness in unusual places, I am not alone.
I ask you today, take a moment, dig deep and find the little things in life that have you cracking an unexpected smile. You maybe surprised at the things in life that you can be focusing on to give you a better all around sense of happiness. Think small…. Think simple!
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I’m a sweets person, a spur of the moment person, and the kind of person who has a love hate relationship with Reality TV.
I’m a loud person, I’m a proud person, and the kind of person who changes an outfit 8 times before walking out the door.
I’m a pedicure person, a dramatic story teller, and a person that takes the word loyalty seriously.
I’m a person who loves, to be loved. And who surrounds themselves with family and friends because they are what make my life so warm.
I’m a true believer than Mondays should not exists, your birthday should be celebrated all month long and Christmas should be a feeling you can bottle up.
I believe that Calories can go to hell in a handbag – along with Contract Small Print, Garden Weeds and Single Pane Windows.
A firm believer you should only sip Tea from Fine China, your goals and dreams should always scare you and I’m a true believer that perseverance will one-day pay off.
Fashion consumes my life. I love to live outside the box if not for a trend then simply for reaction sake.
You can find Tairalyn on her blog, Little Miss Mama and connect with her on facebook and twitter.
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