Good morning and happy Friday!  This morning we hear from Angie Hartshorne who I met through my daughter’s preschool.  It’s a wonderful thing that happens when parents gather outside a school door, waiting for their children.  Huddled under the small awning on the rainy days, or watching the kids play on the playground when it was drier, I would get a chance to have some conversation with Angie.  A playdate at her place further cemented the things we shared in common; one of them being our desire to explore our creative sides.  In this post, Angie shows you how she manages to do that as a mother of 3 while enjoying time with her best friend – I hope it inspires you to create these opportunities for fun in your own lives!

Please welcome, Angie!

Tending to our personal passions during motherhood can become an unrelenting challenge.  As our lives become solely about serving others it is so easy to forget to serve ourselves.   So our passions may become neatly packed away in little boxes and put on an imaginary shelf .  We may glance at them from time to time, longing to open them, remembering how they made us feel or think.  New boxes with pretty bows may appear, containing matter that enticed us just for a moment but are quickly closed and shelved in order to continue our journey of raising wee ones.  A beautiful collection of hidden talents, dreams, and goals just waiting to be opened when the time is right.
As a mother of three children aged 8, 5 and 2, I rarely glance at my shelf of passions.  There are many days where I’m not even sure what my boxes contain! It is survival mode and if we make it through the day with all limbs intact and only 1603 cases of tattle tales then I feel “fulfilled”.
But there is one passion that has slowly made it’s way into my life.  Sewing.
This has surprised me as I nearly failed sewing in high school.  It was one of my most dreaded classes and truth be told, my girlfriend pretty much sewed my ugly drawstring shorts so I could pass the class.  But years later and a good dose of maternal hormones has caused this hobby to speak to me.  Perhaps it’s the joy of making something with my own hands or the challenge of learning a new skill. Or it could be the creative expression it provides.  But searching for a new sewing project always makes me giddy.
I happen to share my love of sewing with my best friend Sara.  A self-taught fashion designer with the patience of a mama with three wee ones, she has been an amazing teacher and my biggest cheerleader.  Struggling to find time to work on our sewing projects, she suggested a weekly evening sewing date.
For the past year, we have met once a week to sew.  Sitting across from one another, tea is poured (or wine, if it’s been one of those days!) and our machines begin to hum together.  Conversation is weaved in between the stitches and we catch-up on all of our interrupted conversations over the past week.  Projects are completed, new ones dreamed up. And some nights there is hardly a stitch sewn, but instead, a good old fashioned heart to heart takes place.  This night has become my favourite night of the week.  A chance to connect with myself creatively and emotionally.
Until my children are older, I know many of my passion boxes will remain unexplored.  Slowly they will be opened when I know the time is right for my family.  For now, I will relish in the one that is constant for me.  Hoping that my kids will fondly remember their mama sitting in front of a humming machine creating treasures for them.
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Angie Hartshorne is a stay at home mom to three wee ones.  Over the years she has worked in the advertising industry and as a birth doula. She dreams of her future passions which will include writing about motherhood in hopes of creating a community where mamas can feel connected to one another.