This week I’m practicing loving myself from inside my head, where thoughts like, “How could you do that?!” and “Ack!  You screwed up!” want to fester.

Thinking I could overcome an iron deficiency without…enough iron…was probably not my most brilliant move but in all fairness to myself, I didn’t land myself in a dizzy, woozy, I’m-gonna-drop-to-the-floor kind of state on purpose.  I made an error in judgment.  I thought I was better, I repeated with my head between my knees.  Oops, guess not.  So, I’ll do what I need to do to get there and stay there.

I have to thank you, dear Readers, for holding me accountable.  You see, it was very easy for me to roll my eyes at myself for “causing” my setback.  It was way too automatic to think, “Oh geez, can’t believe I did this, now of all times!”  But it was amazing how overlapping those beat-me-up thoughts were the love-myself thoughts.

Hey, sweetie, you’re going to be ok.  This is not your fault. 

When was the last time you said that to yourself?  Are your love-myself thoughts catching up to your beat-myself-up thoughts?  Being a part of this campaign has helped the process for me by keeping self-love in the foreground.

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Being aware of our thoughts, including those that are self-directed, is so important to understanding how things play out in our lives.  

Take some time today to listen to how you talk to yourself.  Are you being a friend?  I hope so!




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