Good morning and welcome to another beautiful guest post this Friday!  Today I introduce to you Katharine Fahlman – a coauthor in the Heartmind Wisdom Collection anthologies and a wonderfully intuitive woman.  Some of us have had experiences with people who can see and feel things that we are not in tune with.  Or perhaps we have experienced such phenomenon ourselves.  In any case, it’s always nice to hear some personal stories from the ones who have sharpened such a gift and today I am very happy to host someone who has offered me solace.  You’ll also find a poem for the senses written by Katharine to show us how she perceives things.

Please welcome, Katharine!

Sometimes known as the Tea Cup Lady, I practice the ancient art of Tea Leaf Reading technically known as Tasseography.

Have some tea with me and get some insight into your very near future.  The rest will fall into place like leaves in a cup.  Look forward to your future…..

The intuitive abilities that I have, has helped me all my life in making decisions, anticipating situations, and dealing with people.

I can now venture into helping others in various ways.

I was introduced to tea leaf reading at an early age by my grandmother who used to be a highland seer and do it for me.  As she was telling me what she saw in my tea cup, I would look into it with her and wonder how she saw all the things that she was talking about. As a child I would read my own tea leaves and was nicknamed the tea granny.

When I matured into adulthood the images became clearer and I could better understand them. I would do readings for family and friends around the table after dinner or afternoon tea; soon people started coming back to tell me that the things I said were really coming true. This actually shocked me and stopped me from doing it for a long time.

Then in 2002, a funny thing happened to me along my path of life.  If anyone would have told me that I would eventually become a psychic medium and travel to different cities doing readings I would think they were really off their track.  But that’s exactly what happened.

A friend introduced me to others who were intuitives like myself and I started doing tea leaf readings at the psychic fairs and found it fulfilling to give people insight into their lives so that they can be better prepared for upcoming events.

While studying mediumship, sitting in circle would bring shadows to catch my eye only to disappear instantly and give me tingles from head to toe.  Most people believe in afterlife but my encounters with paranormal has shown me without a doubt that spirits exist.

The most profound experience was during an investigation when a red orb flashed across the room in a haunted school.  Knowing that I could run but there was no place to hide, I decided at that moment to master my connections with spirits instead of them mastering me.

There is a strong link between my work and my spiritual belief as I deliver messages from beyond to those yearning to hear from their loved ones.  And so this is why I do my best to bring comforting words and through this fulfill my purpose in life.

Standing in front of a group of people all hoping for a message, gives me a rush of energy that tells me Spirit is close. Making my heart beat faster and filling my body with heat, the link is made. A single person attracts my attention and intuitively I feel this is the recipient of what I have to say.

My daughters are also sensitives as well as some of my grandchildren. I believe that everyone is capable of being aware of their own psychic gifts; all they need to do to develop their abilities is take some workshops and practice often.

We are all one in Spirit.

Body, mind and spirit are all part of our well being.

I found this to be true as a registered Reflexologist and Reiki Master through my own experience of physical healing. By stimulating nerve endings at specific points on the bottom of your foot, the circulation increases to each body part. This helps to release toxins, allowing it to function more efficiently and feel better.  Incorporating Reiki into my sessions gives a more effective outcome.

Remember – You can heal your life.

Living my life as a teacher and a student, both have given me valuable lessons.  As a wife, mother, grandmother, working administrator, and business woman, I have been many things to many people.  Utilizing my intuitive abilities to help make decisions, anticipate situations and connect with people.  Now I help others by writing about how my perspectives have aided in getting me through tough times.  You will find my story in the Heartmind Wisdom Collection anthologies; I hope it inspires you with the candidness, humour and matter of fact approach to real life.

Ironically, I do not know what my future holds but I do know this; I will be exactly where God wants me to be doing exactly what he has meant for me to be doing.

My gift to you:

This poem displays how I perceive things a little differently than most.

 I Write What I See              by Katharine Fahlman  Oct 1, 2012

 I see the smell of Violets blooming in the basket.

I hear their smiling faces looking up at me.

I see the ocean air wafting through my hair,

like a brush making my aura shine.

I feel the taste of cherries so round and red and plump.

And taste the sound of violins crying out a long, sweet tune.

I can feel the energy of a masterpiece from a starving artist’s life.

Knowing that he’s happy in his own chosen plight.

I know the sleeping Tiger hiding in his cave

I smell the melodic rhythm of the crickets and frogs in the lake.

I hear the night falling upon the sun at the end of the day

I know that a new one will soon be on the way.

The loud noise from the radio drowns the taste of my wine

But I see the sound waves moving the energy of the people divine.

This is just a taste my friends of what I see and feel

Go now and touch the aura of a person passing near.


Love & Light to You……

No Matter What

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Katharine knew at an early age that she was different.  She was often described as weird by her school friends because she was always daydreaming.  It took her to places beyond the walls that confined her.  It is not any surprise that she grew up to embark on many journeys in different directions all at the same time. As a spiritual consultant, professional Reiki healer and upcoming inspirational author, she wears many different hats.  Her stories will give you insight into real life situations. Her ideas will inspire you to go on your own journey that may take you to places far beyond your expectations.  Each one will have its unique benefits and challenges.  You can find Katharine on her website or by email



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