Not true.  But for some reason, there seems to be this link in people’s minds connecting the two.  I have had some really interesting conversations with people who insist that they don’t have a creative bone in their body.

“I can’t even draw a stick man” is my favourite expression, and actually one I used myself for many years.  Here’s what I believe is the true definition of creativity.  (And it does not include requiring a Master of Fine Arts degree.)

image courtesy of: Simon Howden/

An original thought or product that can be applied into something worthwhile or valuable is creativity.

Think of creativity as an endless source of ideas for new products.  That product can be the storyline of a book.  It can be a painting.  It can be a solution to a company’s problem shipping their equipment overseas.  If I were to list everything creativity could be, I’d never get off the computer because that reserve of ideas is limitless.

Does this definition change your perception of creativity?  Or does it confirm it? 

I think I just heard someone say, “Yeah, but I don’t even really get ideas.” So, here’s the thing.  That endless, limitless potential of ideas and products is accessible to you.  And me.  And everyone I know and don’t know.  The woman walking her small white dog in the semi-darkness of the breaking day, just outside my studio window…she has access to it, too.  It’s as much hers as it is mine and vice versa.

If you feel that your access to this great big pool is blocked, you are not the only one.  

But it doesn’t mean you’re not creative.  At your truest Self, you ARE creativity.  And this is where, for me, creativity and spirituality are synonymous.  That great reserve, that endless supply of energy that can be tapped into and used for creative purposes – that to me is the Universe itself, of which I am a part.  So, when I talk about “your creative Self” (as in the subtitle of this blog: Releasing Your Creative Self), I’m talking about that part of you that is a component of this Universal energy.

OK, so you’re a creative being.  Why does it matter whether your channels are blocked or not?  Why is tapping into this limitless potential important?

Look at your life and ask yourself these questions:

  • Where in your life do you need clarity?
  • Where could you use some innovative solutions?
  • What is a local or global issue that you would like to see resolved?
  • How can you live a life of abundance?
  • How can you add joy to your relationships?
  • What is your relationship with your Self?  Is it fulfilling?

These are all related to your connection with Creativity – or the Source of Awesomeness, as I like to call it.  A healthy relationship with that Source is like a goldmine of knowledge, wisdom, peace, joy, prosperity and love.

I’d like to hear YOUR thoughts.  What has been your definition of creativity?  Has it changed with time and experience?  Why do YOU think tapping into your creative Self is important?  How has it helped you in your own life?  Anything else you’d like to share on this topic?