The I Love Myself Campaign was born from my need to take care of myself after a tough pregnancy that unfortunately ended in a miscarriage this summer.  (You can read more about the message I received during that time here.)  Once the physical process of the miscarriage ended, I was very weak physically, reliving the grief I know so well from a lifetime of saying goodbye to loved ones, and confused about what this meant with regard to my concept of what my family was going to look like.

HOWEVER, years of lessons learned and wisdom gained filled me with hope, a sense of empowerment, a strong desire to re-balance and best of all, faith that everything was perfect, as it should be and always will be.

This campaign is for me and it’s for you because we can all benefit from a reminder to take care of ourselves.  Self-care is critical to tapping into our potential, reaching into our endless tank of creativity and engaging in the best of life in a way that is healthiest for us.

Today’s tip again comes from my own life, but I know it belongs to you too.

I am a huge fan of projects.  And they seem to be a huge fan of me, too.  I turn a corner, and practically run right into one!  I open up my email, hello from something exciting.  *bzzz bzzz* – my cell phone alerts me to another opportunity.  There is just so much to do in this world that is bursting with the word ME all over it!

And now I’m at a point where if I add one more thing to my plate, I am seriously going to need to reach for the antacid.

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I’m not pulling out my hair and running around in circles like a frenzied animal.  But I know my limit.  So, I’m laying down my fork and knife, chewing the deliciousness that’s already in my mouth and come 2013, I’ll have another helping of the Universe’s endless feast!

So, that’s what I’ve done.  When a project tries to weasle its way into my life (be careful – they can be a little sneaky, wrapped up in a package of thrill with a little note of promise attached), I say “Awesome!  Let’s talk more about this in early 2013!”  Not January.  Because January will look like that first helping of turkey dinner –  that “eyes-larger-than-your-stomach” helping…and then there’s 11 more months of digging in.

I used to be nervous about doing that.  What if the opportunity went away?  What if the person replies, “No longer interested.”  Now I just think, if the project was truly meant for me, it will be waiting.  And everything I am doing now is a step toward it anyway – not a bolt in the opposite direction.  I’m not rejecting the notion; simply making space for it at a time when it will best be enjoyed.  Setting a reasonable date in the future when the invitation will be revisited helps to show my commitment.

It’s about balance.  Too many projects, and something’s gonna give.  I’d rather it not be my sanity – for my sake and my family’s sake.

What about YOU?  How’s your plate looking?  You doing ok or need to shift things around…or put something away for later?  I encourage you to look at that closely today.  How full your plate is will affect everything in your life from your energy level, to your interactions with others and everything in between.


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