Good morning and happy Friday!  Today I am thrilled to introduce to you a co-author of mine in the Heartmind Wisdom Collection anthologies, Susan Thompson!  I am enjoying writing with her and through our shared vision we hope to continue working together as the years go on.  I was excited to learn more about Susan through her post and I think you may find you are able to relate to what she has to say.

Please welcome, Susan!

Once, I was desperate to be loved, sure that fate was out to get me, and dramatically unhappy.  Hours were spent crying over lost loves, a lack of friends and life’s perceived cruelties and inequities.

Ingrained from childhood were feelings of never being good enough for other’s expectations of me.  Growing up I was sad and shy, I had few friends and lacked confidence.  My dreams as a girl wove around having children of my own, who would love me unconditionally as no one ever had.  The husband didn’t really factor into this dream, the children were the important part.  No one else could be trusted to love me.

Throughout my life as a teen, journaling and writing poetry non-stop enabled me to record deep feelings without fear of judgment.  I married at eighteen and began making my dream of children come true, welcoming my son Robin at twenty one and daughter Brandie thirteen months later.  They were and are my treasures and passions.

Certainly, they did love me unconditionally (until they became teens.)  They made me as happy as anyone else could.  Sewing, knitting and crocheting for them filled many happy hours.  Being with them was such a joy and I was fortunate to be a stay at home mom for several years.  With much time to fill I continued to write, although less than previously, while other artistic pursuits became more important and kept me from falling off my decidedly flat world.

After my marriage ended, work filled a lot of hours leaving less time to spend on my more artistic passions, but always my love for my children carried me through.  I also pursued a new goal to become an accountant, so enrolled in college part time and devoured the lessons as if they were art for my brain.

Unhappiness plagued me over the next several years, while living more for others than myself: all due to my belief that others were in charge of my happiness and control of my life was in different hands.  The least little thing that happened felt like punishment for not being good enough.  Anger lived close by, as did sadness..

A traumatic near death experience led me to look at my life closely and I vowed to change it.  Again journaling became my solace and poetry flew from the end of my pencil creating worlds of woe and unhappiness that slowly, slowly became havens of happiness, joy and peace. When I surrounded myself with beloved books and art, only contentment could find me.  As time went by, the closer I held myself to my passions of writing, drawing, flower arranging and helping local artists, the happier my world became.  Over the years, several small businesses I began in these areas stole my money, but paid me back richly in satisfaction and happiness.

I learned that art in many forms is an essential part of my life.  Any feelings of anguish are quickly handled; I write about it, draw it, or even just envision myself letting it go.

Though I still sometimes get too far away from the artistic endeavors that breathe fresh air into my life, the path is quickly rejoined.  Writing has again become a major part of my world and always will.  Allowing myself to actually BE an artist is making my heart sing and loving what I’m doing is leading me to have a more balanced life than ever before.

Plans for my future include  motivational speaking and writing inspirational literature.  I am passionate about helping others heal, whether mind, body or soul.

My children and grandchildren bring me joy always, but the key to happiness lies within nourishing my soul and living my passionate, purposeful life.  Now excuse me while I go dance.

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Susan Thompson is an author, artist, accountant and serial entrepreneur.  What she is proudest of, however, is her two awesome children and four amazing grandchildren.

Like many writers, Susan has been writing since her early teen years. Many genres stimulate her creative juices: including poetry, children’s literature, inspirational/motivational and humor.

After some casual words from a coworker, she realized she had wisdom to share with the world to help people heal.  She searched for two years for the right time and place to begin.  By chance, or divine design, Susan encountered the Heartmind editors and knew she had finally arrived at the juncture she needed.  Her current passion is writing inspirational and motivational literature.  You can find Susan on her Heartmind Wisdom site.