I Am Enough

hair escaping from a half-hearted ponytail,

feet warmed by the familiar stretched wool,

I start my day inside of me

where the light shines brightest.

thoughts linger on dreams and loves, then

tossing sleep aside, with a stretch and smile,

the day is mine.

moving past overflowing laundry hampers,

to the kitchen where last night’s dishes remain,

I tie my girl’s hair back

and pin her bangs to the side.

“What do you want for breakfast?”

I ask while mentally packing a lunch kit,

throwing canned food in a backpack for the food drive,

relishing role of mama.

A hug, kiss and promise to be there,

after school and always,

I return to my haven where I am met

by crumbs and toys and sometimes

the pitter-patter of the little one waking.

“What do you want for breakfast?”

I ask while mentally aligning the day,

throwing waffles in the toaster for me,

relishing role of mama – again.

click, beep, vroom,

computer’s turn to wake up,

we settle in the studio where

crayons and paper litter the floor,

my son’s office,

and mine.

in here, ponytail still askew,

not parting with these socks until I have to,

the laundry hamper’s calls and the yoo-hoos of the kitchen sink,

have been put on mute.

happy hums from my son,

and my computer,

my joyful buzz joins them.

I am enough.


Image courtesy of gameanna/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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