I’ve told you before, I am a morning person.  When I try to be a night person and a morning person, my system totally protests.  Last week, I tried to be a night person 4 nights in a row; some of it was work, some of it was fun, and the rest was just unnecessary.  So, by Saturday night, I was practically passing out.  That’s not an exaggeration.  After my miscarriage, I had a severe bleed that landed me in the hospital for two nights.  I haven’t fully recovered from that though I am loads better than I was 6 weeks ago when it happened.  I should be careful, I should be kind to myself…but sometimes I forget.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Lying in bed on Saturday evening, wondering if I was fainting or falling asleep, I promised myself that I would be more cognisant of getting enough sleep.  And this week’s tip was born!

Sleep, apparently, is very important!  You know this and I know this.  I’m no doctor but I don’t need to spew out facts for you to believe me.  You’ve probably already found this to be true in your own life.

What happens to you when you don’t get enough sleep?  What is enough sleep for you?  If you’re not getting enough of it, why?  Is there something you can re-arrange or re-shape in your life that will help you?

When I get enough sleep, I am happier, more creative, more productive, more patient.  I am just more of everything I want to be!

So, that’s how I’m loving myself – how about you?


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