Oh yes.  I once built myself a fine box of the most quality wood – nice and solid.  I built the box just large enough for me to fold myself up and lay inside.  And that’s what I did.  Crawling into the box, I curled my legs up under me and rested my head on my lap.  (Betcha didn’t know I was that flexible!)

After awhile I started to resent those constricting walls.  I blamed everyone else for me being trapped in that darn thing.  I was stuck, unable to do anything that I wanted.  Not that I knew what I wanted – I mean, how can anyone think when all the oxygen is being sucked out of the tiny pocket of space in which you reside?

I was so busy being frustrated that I forgot something really important; I was the one who had cut and carved and hammered and nailed the structure.  I didn’t even need help to jump in and close the lid.  I had done that myself.  But as soon as I figured that out – and that is an entirely different blog post – I realized: If I was strong enough to build it, I was strong enough to break it down.

Image credit: www.stockfreeimages.com

Many of us trap ourselves – and we can be very creative in the ways we do it.  The problem is, when we don’t realize that we are the only ones who can place us in those situations, we sometimes stay caught in those invisible webs.  Rooted to the ground by fear or excuses or guilt or shame, we don’t move forward with our purpose.  It can be dark in our boxes with very little oxygen to help us thrive.  But it can also be cozy, safe and easier to deal with than what’s on the other side.  Maybe that’s what they’re talking about when they call it our comfort zone.  If we really listen to our hearts, though, we’re not actually comfortable being stuck…we’re just uncomfortable with the unknown.  Put that way, it makes more sense to me to get comfortable with what’s out there…because that space is bigger and can include so many more beautiful things and people!

Can YOU relate to building boxes?  What are the nails and hammer with which you successfully managed to create your trap?  Have you peeked out from under the lid lately?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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