Rozeela and I met in a creative writing class in college and were drawn to each other immediately.  Soon, she and I were inseparable friends, causing international ruckus on our escapades and supporting each other through our entryway to adulthood.  I am very excited to share Rozeela’s inspiring story here; reading this, it really hits home how beautifully it all came together.  Certainly, I have learned from her that when we think misfortune has struck us, it can actually be quite a blessing.

Please welcome Rozeela!

What gets me up in the morning, you ask??  What’s the fire that makes me leap out of my goose down sleepy haven at 7am??  Well at this moment of my life it’s my 8 month old daughter, who quite literally pushes me awake.  But figuratively,  it’s my passion to help people. I learned, at a very young age, that I love to make people laugh, smile and feel good.  I wanted a career where I was able to do exactly that every day.   So my search was on…endless hours I spent rummaging through possible career choices in the big metal filing cabinet files in the counselling office and then even more time spent going through potential options with my career counsellor.  As I struggled to determine my destiny, my inner voice repeated this mantra “choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” And I am truly blessed to have been at the right place at the right time so this career choice could be presented to me.  At the very young age of 18 I was involved in a car “accident” that was set to change the course of my life.  The silver lining was I started seeking answers to questions I couldn’t find in the medical world which led me to a chiropractor and a massage therapist.  There was a lump in my throat that the massage therapist insisted I get checked.  The lump was a malignant thyroid cancer.  Two quick surgeries, a prescription for thyroid medication to take daily for the rest of my life and I was signed off with a clean bill of health.  The cancer was gone and I was healed but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to understand more.   I needed to know why?  Why did I get cancer?  Why did cancer choose that area of my body?   Why hadn’t my body healed itself?  What was my role in creating this cancer?  What could I do to prevent the cancer from coming back?

So once again, I started searching.  In the early stages of my search I needed to know simply how the body worked by asking such questions: Why does liquid come out of my eyes when I think of something sad?  How does my heart beat and my food get digested?  Later in my search I was seeking answers to questions: How do I create health? How do I maintain health?  I found these answers in my study of chiropractic.  Chiropractic is a science, art and philosophy.  The science is that the nervous system controls every cell in your body, so should there be any pressure on your nervous system (subluxation) your body won’t function optimally.  The art is the finesse of an adjustment to the spine to alleviate the pressure on the nervous system to bring the body back to equilibrium.  The philosophy is that healing occurs from within and we all have within ourselves an innate intelligence that is constantly striving for health and well-being.

I’ve been practicing chiropractic for 8 years now.  I initially chose chiropractic because it answered my questions.  But now I see that chiropractic isn’t only a career choice for me it’s a lifestyle choice.  That little girl in me that was daunted by the “the- world- is your- oyster” filing cabinets of options is happy, very happy with her choice.

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Dr. Rozeela Nand is the owner of Innate Chiropractic & Wellness Centre in Vancouver, B.C.  She is passionate about caring for her patients as whole people and incorporates physical movement, diet, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being into her practice.  Dr. Nand has a keen interest in pediatrics and pregnancy and has undergone extra certification in this area.

In 2006, she joined the Hope Foundation and travelled to India to work with street children in Calcutta.  In this capacity, she was able to introduce and conduct chiropractic treatments to the underprivileged in India.

Dr. Nand lives in Vancouver with her husband and their daughter.


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