I’m right smack-dab in the middle of tingly-to-my-toes excitement and heart-hammering-in-my-chest fear!  That’s a great thing, because it means I’m alive and I’m here – and I do believe, it’s on purpose!

(My husband just heard me squealing and caught me clapping my hands near my mouth – one of my quirks when I’m about to burst with an idea.  “Oh boy, here we go…” he says as he walks by.)

Just a few minutes ago, I was chatting with my cousin, Nazira, about…well, life stuff and realized that I have, at least mentally, started an “I Love Myself Campaign.”  I’ve been making a list of things I’d like to do to take better care of myself physically, spiritually and mentally and in sharing some of that with her it struck me: Hey, we need to all be on board this train!

Will you join me?

I’ve written before about the importance of self-love and how this is very much the opposite of selfish.  It can be difficult to wrap our heads around that idea when we have others we need to care for.  Most of us do not want to feel we are putting our needs above others because we have always been taught to be people-pleasers.  However, when we love ourselves, really love ourselves, we are allowing ourselves to be in a better space from which we can spread that love.

Think about it.  Think about a day when you felt really good about yourself.  Didn’t you smile more at others?  Didn’t you extend a helping hand more willingly without begrudging the recipient who needed it?  Didn’t it make it easier to work through your toddler’s tantrums?  Didn’t you want others to feel just as good?

This all sounds so exciting – why would I be scared?  Well, because that’s life.  I don’t know how this campaign will be accepted.  I don’t know who will want to tune in on Tuesdays.  I have a lot to learn myself about self-care, especially in the follow-through.  But if I waited till this idea was perfect, it would never launch.  And gosh.  That doesn’t leave me anywhere I want to be.

To join the I Love Myself Campaign, all you need to do is give yourself permission to do so.  There is no formal sign-up sheet.  You don’t need a username and a password.  (Thank goodness…I have so many of those, I literally have pages filled so I can keep track.)  Every Tuesday, I will post a new way to show yourself some affection.  And I am asking you to share your ideas, too.  Email me if you would like to post your idea on a Tuesday and I will save a spot for you right here!  If you’d prefer I write about your idea, either anonymously or by giving you credit, I will do that too.  Let’s do this together!

Signing off now so I can nourish my body with a snack (haha, couldn’t resist that one!).

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