There were some dreams planted, some dreams realized…and some dreams vaporised.  In fact, I feel as though I am still waking up and am pinned in that space between what I thought was real and what lies before me.

I haven’t been here on Let ME Out!! in what feels like ages.  There were many reasons for that and at this point, I can only say that the details are yet to come.  For now, I want to share my experience in coming back to this space: this place where I have met so many like-minded people from across the world.  This blog is a piece of me; it holds my convictions, the wisdom I have gained and the questions I still have.  And coming back here, after this summer, has been a lesson in itself.

I am reminded why writing has been my life line.  Coming back here and being able to read words that have flown off my fingertips in moments of connectedness has been invaluable today.  In this post, I wrote about events in my life that “totally knocked me off my feet – only to give me wings to fly.”  Those words breathed out of me when I wasn’t even consciously looking for them; I remember that.  I remember writing that and going, “Wow, I didn’t even know that I knew that.”  And today, it’s those very words that are helping me, and even more so because they came from that place, that heartmind, that just knows.  So, even if today I have questions and struggles, I can find some peace knowing that I have been here before and I have also been to that place where I know I am infinitely loved.  And that everything will be OK.

Writing is now such a strong part of my identity that no matter what I am faced with, I seem to hear its whispers.  Even at 3 am.  Or, I should say, especially at 3 am.  I have had many pre-dawn moments engaged in an inner dialogue and I am comforted by the voice that answers back.  I give it all the crap I want, and still it loves me.  I really think my writing has been a huge part of this.  Its established a connection that I hope I can hold on to for the rest of my life.

This is why starting Let ME Out!! Releasing Your Creative Self was a project of purpose and passion for me.  I believe we all have that special something in our lives that connects us to our Self, and when we are not in sync with that part of us, it makes it more challenging to navigate the twists and turns.  What do YOU think?  Does any of this resonate with you? 

As always, I’d love to hear from you in the comments or through personal emails.  I want to thank those of you who sent me messages to find out why I hadn’t been blogging.  It was nice to know you are as much a part of this as I am.  Trust that I never really went away.  Thanks for sticking by me and I appreciate you allowing me to ease my way back into this.

I have already taken deeper breaths writing this than I have in the last little while.  That’s a blessing.


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