Switching career paths spurs the need to create a new resume.  So, that’s been on my mind the last little while.  How do I pin down on paper my credentials, my accomplishments and the “extra” facts?  (You know which ones…those bullets at the end of the resume that say things like “Proficient in Microsoft Excel” or “Fluent in Yiddish.”  Do resumes still have that section?  It’s been awhile for me.)

What’s on your resume that tells the world who you are?  What kinds of really cool things have you done or participated in that highlight your beliefs and values?  On the flip side, what have you let slide or pass you by so that the “academic” or “work” sections stay padded while the “live a life you love” portion remains slim?

Here’s an example.  On Wednesday, September 12, 2012 from noon- 4 pm, a huge peace-loving crowd will gather at the Cloverdale Millennium Amphitheatre to break the Guinness Book of World Records.  Kindness is Key Training Inc. and the co-authors of Heartmind Wisdom will be forming the world’s largest HUMAN peace sign!


Why?  For many reasons.

  • to show the Earth how much we love it and that we wish its inhabitants beautiful peace
  • to celebrate our younger generations, who will be participating by the school-fuls, as the future leaders of a world at peace
  • to support charities such as the Surrey Food Bank, Mercy Ships Charity Hospital as well as local schools
  • to have a great time with our families and friends – listening and dancing to live music by Denise Hagan and Jean Pierre Makosso (and others to be announced soon!)
  • to tell people for decades to come that we were a part of this awesome, IMPACTFUL event

A few short years ago, I would have heard of this event and thought, “That’s cool.”  But my thoughts wouldn’t have gone further than that because they would have been pitted against self-made barriers like “I’m too busy.  I have this and that responsibility.  I don’t have the time for stuff like that.”

Now I understand the power of my own choice; I choose how I view things like time and responsibility.  I decide what’s a note-worthy experience and what’s something that I can put off for another day.  I listen to my heart just a little more each day and allow my soul to decide what to do next.  I’ve learned to kind of step out of my own way.

It’s not easy to break thought patterns!!  It’s not easy to ignore the anxiety or fear that come with letting go and pushing past the comfort zone.  The self-made barriers get smaller with time but for some of us, they remain there if only as piles of rubble that we must gingerly step over.  (Or take a huge leap, depending on how big the pile!)

As the “live a life you love” section of the resume builds, it does a funny thing.  It spills right over in to all the other sections.  It shapes them, influences them, permeates them until the entire resume is filled with only things that make the heart beat and the soul vibrate.

I don’t know where I am on this journey exactly, but I can tell you my life is very different from what it was in those days when I thought I didn’t have time or had too much responsibility to do something fun and impactful on a world level.  It’s a little more colourful!

I’d love to hear your thoughts – do you have something you’d like to share about choices, following your heart or global impact?


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