You’ve heard it before:  “Don’t play the ‘What If’ game because there’s no point/it’s dangerous/it’s scary/etc.”

But what if the ‘What If’ game wasn’t so bad? 

In fact, what if it was pretty darn fun and exciting and liberating and full of hope?  Why can’t we just change the rules a little so that instead of imagining the worst case scenario, we can imagine the most incredible, out-of-this-world BEST case scenario and then start walking toward that reality?

Try it this week.  Take a situation that you are just boggled by and create a most delicious menu of possibilities; spread them all out before you and relish in what may be waiting for you.

What are some of your ‘what ifs’ and on what side of the fence are they? Do they take you to a place of fear or a place of hope?

Here’s an example from my life:  Sometimes before I hit publish on a particularly personal post, I think “What if I come across as weak?”  Changing that mind-set, it is so much easier to send my words out in the world if I think “What if someone is really moved by my experience and discovers they are not alone in their vulnerability?”

Another one is, “What if that physical symptom of mine leads to a scary diagnosis that will impact my family’s lives?”  I’m learning that “What if this ache is my body’s way of saying ‘Live and love every day'” is a more empowering message.

What if everything you experience is for your own highest good? 


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