Good morning, my beautiful Readers!  I am so excited to write this post, I can barely control my fingers!  Here’s hoping it all comes out the way I intend and that the magic finds it way from my jittery fingers to your heart.

A few days ago, I came across a short segment of a brilliant message voiced by Farhana Dhalla, author of Thank You for Leaving Me.  I had the pleasure of meeting Farhana at a workshop last year and have checked in with her from time to time.  She is just lovely and this video will show you just what I mean.  I really hope you take the six minutes and thirty eight seconds to watch it – I am going to share some of my thoughts here and would love to hear yours in the comments below.  So, go ahead…watch it and come back.  I’m not going anywhere 🙂

When I was listening to Farhana talk about our physiological reaction to excitement and fear being the same, I got that shuddery feeling that I get when something resonates deeply with my soul.  It’s like my soul is saying, “Listen!  Understand this!  I know this to be true!”  I have already talked about this concept in a previous post so I won’t go into too much detail here, but listen to Farhana ask you, “What if actually what you’re feeling is the exhilaration of your Spirit?” 

And if that made you catch your breath, pay attention.  Your Spirit wants you to know something.

The other point that really struck me was when she talked about understanding that everything happens for our highest good – and that when we understand that and live that, we move through the cycle much faster.  We get through the pain and the heartache and we get to the other side sooner.  I have called this part of the transition the whirling eddy because that’s what it feels like to me.  And in this post, I have talked about how, now that I am starting to understand that change always brings about something better for me, I can feel more excited than fearful when I’m right in the thick of what I once might have called a crisis.  I laughed when Farhana said maybe it’s morbid but she gets excited when people tell her that their marriage is ending or they just got fired from their job…I do the same because I can see their beautiful life rolling out in front of them like a glamorous red carpet.  It’s a little easier to do from the outside looking in, but I think the real beauty comes when we can look at our own heart-crushers and feel the same way.

The ending part of a transition has the potential to be painful.  There are some losses that we endure that will always feel like a loss, even when we believe on some level that they are for the greater good and part of a perfect Plan.  Like the loss of my mother.  I will never stop feeling that void and even now, three years later, I find myself falling apart when I least expect it.  I know to ride the wave and I am always acquiring new tools to bring me back to the present, but that ache will always be with me…even as I believe she is closer to me now than ever before.  I am still human.  But like I said in Shining Gifts Often Come From Dark Moments, I have found gold in the most heartbreaking situation I have found myself in. 

Every time I watch Farhana’s video I have picked up on something different.  If you have ever experienced change in your life (!) then I encourage you to take some time to watch it.  And please join the conversation – I would love to hear what resonates with you.



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