Do you remember how I wished for 2012 to be the year for my words to find homes in many places?  I believe I said something like “here’s to letting ME out all over the place!”  Well, yippee!  2012 is the year of my first publication in a book!

In January, I submitted 600 words to a call for stories about quiet, stillness and reflection.  That happens to be a topic I love, mostly because of what those things give me and how they helped me remember who I am.  I certainly am not the only one who benefits from a little quiet time every day; this anthology is full of wonderful stories and poems by women who have so much to share.

I am extremely grateful that my words are travelling the world in print.  It really is a childhood dream; that little girl inside me is clasping her red spiral-bound diary and jumping up and down on her bed.  It’s also a moment that renders me motionless…still…almost like a shocked, “Hold on, this is real.”  I yo-yo between outward explosions of enthusiasm and a strong desire to crawl under my blankets and decompress.  Anybody else get what I’m talking about?

If you are interested in having your work published, please consider checking out pages like Places for Writers – you may find something that reaches right into you and knocks on your soul’s door, asking “Come out and play!”

I would love to give a signed copy of this book to you!  If you would like to enter to win, please leave a comment telling us what you have learned from quiet moments or where you find your place of stillness.  On Friday June 15 at 5 pm PST, I will draw one name and contact the winner.

Have a wonderful weekend!  May you find pockets of quiet to fill your soul.


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