Try-This Tuesday: Do It For The First Time

Happy Tuesday, dear Readers!  We have a lot of new readers stopping by lately and I want to give you all a big welcome! is holding its annual Top Mom Blogger contest and I’m thrilled and still a bit shocked to find myself among the top 30!  I’ve been meeting some of the other top mom bloggers and wow, I am in fabulous company!  There is a voting process that begins May 28 – for those of you interested in placing a vote, I will post the details when I have them.  This is also the perfect time for me to thank you, my loyal Readers, for making this blog what it is.  You put the “top” in top mom blogger 🙂

Today, being Tuesday, I have a suggested task for you.  (For newcomers, please see the Tuesday Tasks page where you will find plenty more of these creativity tasks – and if you subscribe to my blog you get an entire year’s worth, in an eBook, for free!).

Have a look at your I’d-love-to-for-the-first-time list and get to one of the items this week.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, just something that you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t got around to.

Here’s what I did.  I have always wanted to try making my own household disinfectant.  I like the idea of using environmentally (and human lung friendly) cleaners but kept putting off making my own because I didn’t have: a proper recipe, an empty spray bottle, white vinegar (didn’t think balsamic would quite suit the purpose) etc.

The Universe gave me a nudge in the right direction by having me write an article called Easy Eco-friendly Effective Spring Cleaning for South Asian Woman magazine.  In my research I came across dozens of easy recipes for homemade disinfectants and chose this one:

9 parts water

1 part white vinegar

a few drops of lavender essential oil

I finally did it.  I bought an empty spray bottle and the white vinegar.  I already had the essential oil at home.  It works like a charm, smells great and most of all gives me total satisfaction in having completed something from my I’d-love-to-for-the-first-time list.  The crazy thing is, it took no time at all – I just had to remember to add a couple things to my weekly shopping list.  And yet, it felt like a huge accomplishment.  I have to admit, trying new things is becoming a thrill for me.

I want you to feel that this week too. 

What’s on your list?  What can you tackle this week?  What do you need to help you take those first steps?


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5 thoughts on “Try-This Tuesday: Do It For The First Time

    1. Thank you so much, Denise! I’m glad all my new readers (and of course my long-time readers) will have a chance to read your guest post on Fri. June 1. Sending you my best!

  1. I, too, use vinegar/water in a spray bottle too! I use it more as an all-purpose cleaner and the vinegar really helps to get rid of pesky smells.

    Another nice essential oils combo: eucalyptus and orange blossom.

    OH! and water/vinegar (sans the essential oil) makes the perfect streak free window cleaner! If you use old newspaper sheets to wipe you’ll also get a lint free window and the newspaper is recyclable!

    1. Hyedie – you are so full of ideas! I think I would love the orange blossom. I’m sure that’d be a real pick-me-up on a winter’s day as well. I have to try the water/vinegar on my windows…I have to see it to believe it! So, the newspaper doesn’t make it inky? Do you post about these things on your blog?

      1. re. windows

        Your hands will turn DIRTY!! … but this is a method my Dad always swore by and he used to do this every spring.

        But your windows will be sparkling and my newly installed windows with white frames stay white!

        No … I haven’t blogged on my personal blog in ages. Maybe I should?

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