To get in to graduate school for speech-language pathology, I had to take the Graduate Record Examination.  As soon as I found out I passed, I made plans to rid myself of the bulky workbooks and the memories they held of torturous evening classes and daily practice.  But I knew I would not throw out the vocabulary flashcards.  Those were a gift.  I couldn’t believe my luck when I found out that an entire section of the exam was based on vocabulary words: their definitions, usage and related words.  We get to play word games?!  Almost made up for the math.  Almost.

Anyway, this morning I pulled out the stack of about 200 cards from between my literary journals and my copy of the 2009 Writer’s Market and shuffled them up.  For fun, I pulled out 3 cards.  Today I’m challenging you to use at least one of these words in writing or conversation…particularly if you don’t use it normally.  If these words happen to be a part of your lexicon already, choose one that you don’t use or don’t know the meaning of.  Get to know the meaning and then be bold!  Throw the word into a conversation with a colleague, your neighbour, your spouse.  Toss it into your work-in- progress if you’re a writer.  How did it work for you?

Here are the words:

1.  taciturn:  silent, not talkative

2.  prevaricate:  to lie or deviate from the truth

3.  propitiate:  to conciliate, to appease

If you like this sort of thing, I encourage you to make it a daily practice.  You can click here to learn a new word every day!

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