Three Things You Will Find In My Purse

Today I’m sharing with you the contents of my purse.  Well, not all of them, just my 3 favourite items.  Which of these do you have easy access to at all times?

crayons, notebook, pen: 3 essentials for the artist on-the-go!

Have you heard Anais Nin’s quote “My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living.”?  This is so true.  It is also true that when the ideas come and I don’t have a means of recording them, some of them will slip right through the cracks of my consciousness and be forever lost in that place where emails are sometimes diverted or socks go during the laundry process.

I think in butterflies, so when I consider jotting down notes about my observations, I picture butterflies flitting about – bits of conversation I overhear, the colour of my neighbour’s tulips, a memory triggered by a scent.  Writing down the inspired words is like gently and lovingly pinning the butterfly to the page for close admiration and inspection.  When the words are later used to compose a poem, a story or a blog post, the butterfly is released for someone else to enjoy.

And what of the crayons?  Really, do we need a reason to keep a pack of crayons handy?  They add colour to my day whether I am simply rummaging in my purse for that elusive chapstick or I decide to pull them out when I am gifted with a few minutes.

Used to be I only kept fun stuff in my purse for my kids…and then I realized, hey, it’s my purse – there should be something fun for me in there, too!

Take a look at what you’re carrying around.  Let some of it be food for your soul.

4 thoughts on “Three Things You Will Find In My Purse

  1. fun post..especially recognise the line re keeping fun stuff for your kids in your purse.and hey remembering it is actually your purse! My fav 3 essential things my notebook, pen and handcream…closely behind are mobile and fact the more I thing about it I think its time to have a mini handbag declutter…

  2. This could be a dangerous admission for anyone who doesn’t know me, but I have always hated the typical, overstuffed “guy wallet” wearing a permanent bruise on my backside. For that reason, beginning way back in my hippie days, I’ve carried some sort of bag with me. At first it was an old Army surplus gas mask pouch, various ruck sacks, one or two of the ever distinguished “clutches” that some of my rich buddies said I should carry, and finally some variation of shaving kit bag such as the one I now use. Not concerned about the inevitable razzing that I would (and sometimes still do) take, I have often been referred to as the “go to guy” because I’m so likely to have a safety pin (great for occasional Harley repairs) aspirin or other pain relief, and band aids or a sewing needle. Also, being a single dad for the last ten years, has meant kid items ranging from when she was a toddler up thru pre-teen which she is now.

    The truth is, I’ve been a photographer and some times writer for most of my life so the bag was a place for the three most important items that I never leave home without.

    My current “little black bag” always has a pocket camera (or two) as well as a note pad and writing utensils.

    Of course there’s always extra AA batteries, the old conventional wallet, some aging lotto tickets, maybe even a paperback and some other miscellaneous supplies for whatever might come up.

    I’ve found, as the above article mentions, that inspiration is much more likely to strike when it is least convenient, as are most of the better photographic opportunities which have presented themselves over the years.

    If I only walk to my mail box, I certainly don’t grab my bag, but a digital camera goes in my back left pocket and a pad with pencil in my right. There have been too many times that the half block from my back door to the mail box has included wandering deer, a sleeping coyote under the hedge, wrestling squirrels, prancing rabbits or just any number of other beautiful bits of nature. The actual time required to go to the mail box and back is only a few minutes, but it has taken me as long as an hour once.

    Now I’m thinking that crayons or colored pencils will be coming along in my bag. I agree that coloring isn’t just for our children.

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