Try-This Tuesday: What’s The Point??

In today’s task, I ask you to look at what you have learned about yourself in the past 12 months.  This is inspired by the work I am doing for my chapter in Heartmind Wisdom.  Major digging for and uncovering golden nuggets!

Think about what you have encountered on your path – major events or seemingly inconsequential happenings – and ask yourself what the lesson was.  What did you learn?  And did it add to your collection of self-knowledge?

Did you learn a little more about what you are capable of?  Did it tell you what you are not willing to put up with?

It is so important to spend time in self-reflection; without taking the time to examine the wisdom you have gained, you are likely not going to be able to use that wisdom or spread it and share it on the rest of your journey.

Author Farhana Dhalla of Thank You for Leaving Me shares her thoughts on this.  She says, “Time makes everything eventually laughable and self-reflection makes everything eventually wisdom.”

You know when you ask yourself, “What’s the point?”  Take a minute and listen for the answer.

One thought on “Try-This Tuesday: What’s The Point??

  1. If all of life must have a point, and each circumstance within our lives must have a point as well, then what is the point of trying to find the point in anything?

    There is a wonderful little animation called The Point by Harry Nilsson which I believe everyone should watch from time to time as a way of remembering that sometimes in life we can venture out with no point or purpose in mind, what-so-ever. The point, if there is one, will reveal itself in the accomplishment of whatever we have done.

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