Everyone, meet Richard Eberhardt.  I met Richard at the beginning of this month at the Word Whips group that I host for Pandora’s Collective.  The following is a poem inspired by Richard’s first reaction to the words Let ME Out!! on this blog.  I was really touched by Richard’s willingness to share his words.  You will also find another poem he wrote in a comment on this week’s Tuesday task – thank you, Richard!

The Artist Within

Let me out

So I can shout

And tell you what

It’s all about


Let me paint

‘Till I feel faint

Then let my art

Make me a saint


The artist’s words

Like flights of birds

Take to the air

In rainbows blurred


Let me sing

Hear my voice ring

If that’s the talent

That I can bring


Let me dance

Let’s take a chance

Don’t be afraid

Of my advance


Let me strive

Perchance to thrive

My spirit soars

While I’m alive


Let me try

Though I may cry

To express myself

Before I die


Let me show

These things I know

What shines above

Or lies below


Children small

Folks old and tall

Breaking through

Creative walls


Though we’re all weak

We take a peek

Into a world

Few ever seek