Imagine inhaling the decadent aroma of a richly brewed cup of coffee (or your drink of choice!) while sitting across the table from a dear friend.  Your friend is telling you about some amazing events in her life, taking you deep into the emotions and experiences, revealing her beautiful a-ha moments of realization, and then bringing you back up with her gained wisdom and understandings.

Imagine the feeling that comes over you as you identify with parts of her journey and find hope in what may have been dark moments.  And then imagine all of the people you love and care about in your own life who could benefit from some time with your friend.

That is what Coffee Wisdom is about.  Coffee Wisdom is an inspirational anthology that I am co-authoring with a group of women who have been through a variety of situations and have gained knowledge that we want to share with you.  The stories are educational, healing and inspirational.  I guarantee you will find yourself in many of the stories because that’s what being human is about – all of these crazy experiences that have the amazing potential to bring out the best in  us.  And what are these experiences for if not to share with people we care about?

If you like Chicken Soup books, you’ll LOVE Coffee Wisdom.

Coffee Wisdom will be published later this year – I will keep you posted from time to time on the behind the scenes madness and bliss.  I am also working on a way to link Let ME Out with Coffee Wisdom in a virtual marriage.  Actually, you know me better than that.  I am seeking someone’s help to link Let ME Out with Coffee Wisdom in a virtual marriage 🙂

As my cherished readers, I hope you will join me in celebrating my very first book contract!  We’ll have to plan a virtual party when the book is released – with giveaways of course!

It’s hard to believe that I’m coming up to my one year anniversary of publicly sharing my story at a microphone to a roomful of 200 women.  There’s been a lot of stretching, healing, unabashed sobbing, giddy can’t-sit-in-my-seat kinda celebrating as I’ve been nipping my way out of this cocoon.

Here’s to all of us on our separate but intertwining journeys – here’s to working toward the sunshine and stretching those wings!