Make your future dream a present act by assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled.
Neville Goddard 1905 – 1972

What do you think about that?

Read it a few times and let it sink into your bones and make a cozy little home there.  You can write it out in your journal or hang it on your wall like Dr. Wayne Dyer has.  What does this statement mean to you?  What exactly is it asking you to do and why?

To me, this is the Universal Law of Attraction in a nutshell.  People have claimed that they can manifest anything in their lives if they meditate on it, speak daily affirmations, or visualize themselves in that place or situation that they desire.  Because I like to write, I am more inclined to fill my journal pages with what I grew up calling “my imaginations.”  I would writes pages in my journal from the point of view as someone already “there” where I wanted to be.  In my early college years, I wrote a few entries from the point of view of a successful business woman, living near the water with a healthy social life and a lot of time to read my books!

I would look up after finishing writing my journal entry and be slightly disoriented, and have to bring myself back to my reality.  That’s how powerful writing is for me.  Something will do the same for you – it could be writing or it could be something else.  (If you want some help figuring it out, drop me a line and we can chat about this!)

For today’s task, I will be asking you to write but if you want to take this in another direction, go for it!  Today I want you to write a bio of yourself – just a short paragraph or two – as if you are living the life that fits you the most.  I want you to write it as thought it were true now (so instead of saying Susie wants to be an expert in car mechanics, please say Susie is an expert in car mechanics).  And when you are done, I want you to feel like this fits you like a hand in glove.

Your bio doesn’t need to be strictly professional – it should describe you in your entirety.  If you love baking but don’t want to actually own a bakery or sell your products, you can still say in your bio Susie is famous in her neighbourhood for her apple pie; the smell of her pies cooling at her window draws friends and neighbours in for a cup of tea on any day of the week. 

It’s not about the grammar or anything like that.  Nobody’s going to read this but you (unless you want to share it, of course!)  So, just have fun with it.  The sky’s the limit so don’t think about what’s practical or logical.

Keep your bio and look at it from time to time.  I am certain that ideas will start trickling in, people will start showing up in your life, opportunities will start presenting themselves (say yes when they do, please!).  Your bio will be the proof you need that it all starts with a seed.  Your bio will keep your eyes open to all the synchronicity that you will be experiencing.

Have you tried something similar before?  What have your experiences been?  I’d love to hear from you in a comment below or you can contact me confidentially by email.

Have a great Tuesday!