Here’s a suggestion I gave a coaching client a couple of weeks ago.  Funny thing is, last week when I was talking to a good friend of mine, I realized that this is a suggestion I need to consider for myself.

Most days I’m feeling pretty good about things, and when the sun is shining like it is this beautiful morning it is hard to believe anything could ever bring me down.  But it happens.  Maybe a recurrent negative thought, or an anxiety, just kind of creeps up out of nowhere.  Or maybe there’s  a trigger and you know it’s going to take some work to keep your head above the water.  In those moments, it can feel like everything is so terrible.  And yet, everything is not terrible and I think it’s really important to remember that especially when you’re caught up in a negative space.  It may help pull you out of it faster.

*note:  This does not replace the work that goes along with blasting negative underlying beliefs or treating anxieties or phobias.  This is just meant to help pick you up and get you to a space where you feel happier.  Happy thoughts fuel the body with energy to do what needs to be done.


So here it is.  Write yourself a letter when you are feeling happy.  Write down why you are feeling happy, what is so great about your life, all the things you are excited about…basically grab this happy, positive moment with your open, receiving hand and pin it down on paper.  Add the colours you relate to positive emotions like happiness and joy (remember the feelings poem?).  Doodle, or decorate with stickers.  Whatever you think will help make your letter as cheery as possible.

The most important part is your words.  Think about this.  Instead of trying to regurgitate someone else’s affirmations or listen to someone else give you a pep talk…you are going to be listening to yourself – the person who knows you best!   

Today feels like a great day to write this letter to myself and I hope you join me.  Hopefully it’s not needed for awhile, but hey, we all have those days or those moments.  There’s no shame in that.  If this helps turn it around a little quicker, that would be great!

Happy writing!