I shared with my Facebook community yesterday that I had an amazing call with a coaching client in the morning.  She has been thrust into uncharted territories against her will and is experiencing what we’ve talked about here before as the muddled up part of a transition.  That’s the part when you’re not sure which way is up, or how you are going to get to the other side.

Nobody can deny that this period can be extremely unsettling; in fact, it can feel like the very ground beneath your feet is unsteady and can give way without warning.  Think about how your body would react in that situation.  Accelerated heart rate?  Check!  Quickened, shallow breaths?  Check!  Sweaty palms/armpits?  Check!  Dry throat?  Check!  Butterflies in your stomach?  Check!

This is the typical physiological reaction when faced with fear…AND EXCITEMENT!!  Read over the check list and think about a time when you were really excited about something.  Similar, if not completely the same, responses?  Check!

The last couple transition periods I’ve found myself in have been no less confusing and unnerving as any other.  There was a difference though; I started recognizing the knot in my stomach as the same knot that shows up when I’m really looking forward to an event, or I’ve just heard some fabulous news about someone close to me.  I’ve started realizing that when I’m at that point of disorientation, I can actually choose to feel scared or excited – my body is impartial anyway!  It doesn’t know what I’m feeling, it’s just responding!

I shared this fact with my client as well as Dr. Wayne Dyer‘s quote (my favourite of his!) “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  This has pulled me out of so many mental slumps.  If you change the way you look at the transition period and recognize that it is an exciting period of growth and new opportunities, then that is exactly what it becomes.  Hold on to the scary uncertainty part and that’s what it remains.

Seeing what a difference it made in that moment with my client inspired me to share this with all of you.  If you know anyone in a state of fear, or a period of uncertainty, share this with them.

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