My mom bestowed great wisdom upon me when she said, “Don’t ask for akni when you can ask for bhiryani!”  This will make a little more sense when I explain what akni and bhiryani are.

Akni is an Indian dish where spiced rice, meat and potatoes are cooked together in a pot.  Though delicious, it is an everyday type of meal.  You could serve it at a dinner party and you certainly wouldn’t be frowned upon – especially if you accompany it with other Indian delicacies, but it’s not the cream of the crop and that’s just how it is.  (Click here for my mom’s recipe)

Akni.  Photo Credit:  Taslim Jaffer

However, if you stepped out of your kitchen and set a steaming plate of bhiryani at the centre of the table, your guests will know that they are partaking in a festive meal.  Bhiryani is brought out at celebrations; it’s what you make when you want to take it up a notch.  It’s certainly the best of the best.

So, back to my mom’s expression.  She was referring to what you throw out to the Universe, or your prayers to God, or whatever you want to call it.  Don’t settle.  Don’t put it out there that you would be happy with something mediocre when you really have your heart set on something fabulous.  Of course, what is mediocre and what is fabulous is for YOU to decide – but once you do, keep going till you taste that saffron-infused masala and enjoy every bite!  (Click here for bhiryani recipe)

Though this example has been given a material feel to help us visualize it, it is of course applied to every aspect of our lives.  Is it “akni” for you to be volunteering 10% of your time to your favourite cause?  Would you rather be tasting the bhiryani and volunteering 30% of your time?  Tired of your akni career that is bringing in the money but not exploding your taste buds like a lower paying bhiryani vocation might?  See what I mean?

Aim and ask for things that will make you feel happy to meet another morning and content at the close of the day. 

What’s your bhiryani for 2012?  Need some help in the kitchen?  Drop me a line to find out more about my coaching services.