It’s Tuesday again!  For those of you who have recently connected with this blog, every Tuesday I post a Tuesday Task.  As suggested by the title of each post, these tasks are something for you to try.  My hope behind them is that they will resonate with you, encourage you to look at things differently, open your eyes or just plain allow you to have fun. I know that doing a task every week may not be feasible in your lives; I also know that you may read a Tuesday Task and feel it’s not something you are ready to try or the interest in a particular concept may not be there.  That’s OK!  These tasks are really about YOU and only YOU can decide what and when.

So, to practice allowing your Self to make some decisions and to give your ego a bit of a break, I’d like you to head over to the Tuesday Tasks page.  Once there, allow your eyes to travel down the list – if anything jumps out at you, STOP!  Click on the link.  That will be your task this week.

As you scan the list, don’t think about what you can or cannot do.  Push aside thoughts of feeling ridiculous.  Allow yourself to do this!  Many missed opportunities in our lives are simply a result of us not giving ourselves permission to try.

Which task did YOU choose?  Share it in a comment below – it would be really interesting to see if we had a variety or if there seems to be a common theme in the air today!