As I’m learning to be mindful of my thoughts and my behaviour patterns, I am finding it easier to identify my little quirks in the tiniest of situations.  Yesterday I wrote about how I often seek external answers before realizing that the best answer for me lies within.  And yet, twice yesterday I almost went through the whole ringamarole again, seeking validation and opinion from an outside source.

In the end, in both situations, I went with my instinct.  And in both situations I ended up laughing at myself!  Not a mean ridiculing laugh, but a gentle “A-ha, I caught you!” kind of laugh.  Kind of like the laugh that escapes your mouth when you discover your toddler hiding behind the couch with a smile on his face!  It made me feel light, made me feel good that I recognized a familiar pattern and the laugh was good-natured and comfortable.

When was the last time YOU laughed at yourself?  Do you take yourself lightly or do you burden yourself with negative thoughts about your little quirks?  Today I invite you to have a giggle on you.

Let the laugh remind you that there is no shame in your thoughts or your behaviour patterns; they’re just a result of time and experience.  Let the laugh remind you that you are more than these thoughts and patterns – that you can take a step back and be an observer, a student.  Let the laugh fill you with love for yourself with all your idiosyncrasies and weirdness.  Let the laugh remind you that you are a spiritual being having a human experience (Teilhard de Chardin).

Let the laugh be a hug to your Self.