Here’s the thing about New Year’s resolutions.  I grew up a big New Year’s resolutions person and I managed to convert my husband fairly quickly after marriage.  Over the Christmas holidays, my husband and I sit down armed with paper, pens and coloured markers (for me…he’s not into that) and we set out to compose perfect lives on paper that we expect to live up to beginning January 1 of the upcoming year.  Around the same time each year, we take out last year’s hoopla on paper and go, “Oh, we didn’t get to that, did we?  Or that one either.”

I have a different system now for reaching my goals and I’m looking forward to sharing that with you in another post and in my workshops.  Today is all about setting the stage for a fabulous life and it all begins with making a wish, or five.

Get out a piece of paper and divide it in to 4.  In one square write “relationships,” in another “career,” in another “physical health” and in the fourth “spirituality.”

And now, without constraint or practicality or any sort of left brain activity, make a wish in each square for something that you would love to have happen in each of these areas.  Start it off with “I wish” and keep going.  Notice this is NOT a resolution.  This is dreaming, and wishing, and it’s way bigger than a resolution.  Don’t think too hard.  Allow your heart to answer.  Nobody is going to read this.  Hear the words and write them down.

When you are done this part, flip the paper over to the blank side and write boldly in big, confident letters “I wish” and again finish off the sentence with whatever words come to you.  This is a general wish and can technically fall into any of the categories we looked at, or could belong in another category entirely.   And it doesn’t have to start happening on January 1, 2012 and expire by December 31, 2012.

HAVE FUN WITH THIS!!  Hang on to it – maybe stash it in your journal or whatever book or binder you are storing your Tuesday Tasks in.  We’ll visit it again.