You’re reading this blog because you want to let your ME out, right?  Well, where do you want to go?  I know we’ve been talking about the ME that is metaphysical, as in your inner Self/Soul if you will, but the things that fuel your soul, drive your creativity and let you have fun are usually out THERE!  So do you want to go to the ballet?  Snowshoeing?  To an art exhibit?  To a fancy restaurant?  Guess what I’m going to ask you to do?  Make a list!

Make a list of all of the places you’d like to go and events you’d like to attend; a good place to look for ideas is your local newspaper.  Last week I found an ad for a coffee shop I didn’t even know existed not too far from my home that has an open stage night every Saturday from 6-9 pm.  Sounds like something I’d like to attend while grabbing a dessert and tea with my husband.  I also love reading about charity galas, craft shows, mom and pop restaurants and other community events.  I clipped that ad for the coffee shop and added it to a pile of other clippings of art studios and bookstores in the area.  My clippings are stashed in a decorative box with a lid…and yes, there are butterflies dancing all over the box.  Why not store your clippings in a box or large envelope – you can find decorative boxes at dollar stores or craft stores.  Or if you were lucky enough to buy a pair of shoes recently and still have the box, use that and decorate it with stickers and doodles.  This is “fun” territory, after all!

While you are getting busy compiling your list or your pile of clippings think about the following:

  • What stops me from getting out to fun places more often?
  • Who would I like to “get out there” with?
  • How often would I like to “get out there”?
  • Where can I get ideas to add to my list?

Here are my answers to the above questions:

  • Child care is the biggest thing.  Our pool of night time babysitters is very limited and it is hard for us to ask the same people over and over again for help on “optional” fun activities when we also have to call on them for work-related events.  SOLUTION:  We recently started a babysitting exchange with my cousin and her family so now once a month, my husband and I are guaranteed a night out for fun!
  • I am definitely excited about date-nights with my hubby!  Something I did a little of over the summer but haven’t done lately is one on one time with a close girl friend.  I’d like to do that more and I’d love to get some girls together and go dancing like we used to do pre-marriage days!
  • Once a month date nights with the hubby and once a month girls nights are probably all our family schedule can handle and I’d be happy with that.
  • I like getting ideas from other people, newspapers, bulletin boards at community centres or other public arenas.

I know the holiday season is approaching and it can be a bit daunting to take on additional commitments.  This is a good a time as any to evaluate how exactly you WANT to spend your holiday time.  Can you turn down an invite to an acquaintance’s Christmas party if you’d rather take in a movie with your spouse?  If it is too stressful for you to change patterns at this time, you can always start collecting ideas and implement something as early in the new year as possible.  That may also give you time to find solutions to the reasons why you aren’t getting out and having fun in the first place.

Don’t take on too much, either!  The point is to be inspired, not tired!  Remember the advice I heard from my Self as I was journalling and HAVE FUN!