I am thrilled to be hosting my first Let ME Out interview with a talented, passionate woman who I have known since junior high school!  Please welcome Darcey Diehl, founder of Lippy Girl Cosmetics!  

Darcey in Homewrecker Lipstick and Bewildered Bronze Blush. {photo credit to Robert McGee}

Darcey, can you please tell us what makes Lippy Girl different from other makeup lines?

4 Commitments make us different:
• Natural: our ingredients are natural and no chemical preservatives such as parabens or phalates are used.
• Organic: Organic oils are used, so our oils are parasite and GMO free.
• Vegetarian: More appropriate to say vegan except for beeswax. Our products do not include animal by products with the exception of beeswax in our lipsticks.
• Cruelty free: Not only do we make the promise never to test on our products, there are agreements in place with our manufacturer and ingredient suppliers that they will never test on animals.

Wow, if those aren’t enough reasons to try some Lippy Girl, I don’t know what is!  I think it’s fabulous that you are catering to those who are conscious of what they are putting on their bodies and who are concerned about the welfare of our environment and its inhabitants. 

Where did you get the idea?  Like literally, what were you doing when this idea popped into your head?

I was out for dinner with my husband who owns a multimedia company. I was making fun of him that I keep him organized. I said if I ran a company I would make him look bad. To my surprise, he agreed… and said I should start a company. That planted a seed. From there I decided I wanted a makeup company. My sister, a fellow vegetarian and animal critical studies expert, and I discussed how hard it was to find trendy, quality makeup that was not tested on animals, and did not include animal products… and that’s was how Lippy Girl was born.

Awesome!  I love that this was spurred by something that could have been brushed off as casual

Laura in Bitch Slap Blush and Mother Pucker Lipstick. {photo credit to Robert McGee}

conversation.  It’s fabulous that you were able to hear the opportunity in what your husband said to you!  But Lippy Girl isn’t your only “job”, right?  What is your day job?

I am a senior chemistry teacher at a high school (I teach grade 11 and 12 chemistry as well as advanced International Baccalaureate chemistry and biology 12).

Speaking of day jobs, you’re on maternity leave right now…congratulations on your baby girl!  It’s been a big year for you! 

So, tell us, because this is what we really want to know: how do you manage raising a 3 year old, a newborn and functioning as a businesswoman?

Lippy Girl time is my time, special “me” time…LOL. I manage the company by fulfilling orders when the kids are asleep, dropping off mail by loading up the stroller and stopping by the postal store on the way to pre-school and answering emails while breast-feeding.

I totally get that.  When you’re doing something you’re passionate about, it does become a way of celebrating your Self.  And when you enjoy it that much, it’s totally quality “me” time!  Do you have any advice for people who have a dream they have not yet explored?

Stop waiting for the “right time”… you got to just do it, or spend the rest of your life thinking about what could have been.

Great advice!  I cringe inwardly (sometimes not so inwardly) when I hear people say they’re going to go after their goals after a certain point in their life.  I know that following your dreams isn’t always easy, though.  What has been your biggest challenge?

Finding a manufacturer willing to use only the ingredients I wanted and produce the limited quantities I could afford.

But you did it, and that’s wonderful!  I remember reading about that part of the process on your blog and thinking, good for her for holding out for only the best and staying true to her beliefs!  I was so happy when it worked out for you!

Carla in Wall Flower Blush and Nudist Lipstick {photo credit to Robert McGee}

What single tool do you think has allowed you to be successful at seeing this dream through?

A supportive husband. There have been so many times I almost gave up, but he would not allow it. My first manufacturer fell through, and it had taken me months to find and choose them. I was deflated and wanted to give up. My husband made me contact every other manufacturer we have ever heard of, until I found a new one.

Ah, a support network in your own home!  I’m glad he kept your spirits up and you got this done because I know your product has huge global benefits! 

So, when I met you we were on the same basketball team in junior high.  It was fairly obvious that I was stunned to have made the team (I think they needed a certain number of players) and that you were born to play sports!  I know you as an amazing athlete; do you still get time to pursue this passion?

I started playing basketball 4 weeks post-partum this time around. I play every Sunday in a co-ed league with friends. It’s a great stress reliever!

I’m glad for you because I know you need to be physically active to feel alive.  I can imagine that a familiar stress reliever must do wonders for you as you juggle all that you do. 

Thank you so much for being a part of Let ME Out – I did a happy dance when you agreed to an interview because I think my readers will benefit from your drive and inspiring story!  Best of luck to you and Lippy Girl Cosmetics as you conquer animal testing and chemical preservatives one lipstick tube at a time!

Thank you so much for the privilege of this interview for Let ME Out!  It’s an honour.  The best thing about Lippy Girl is that I feel every piece of makeup I sell promotes a cause I love and care about.  I hope your readers follow their dreams, and do only work they really care about… it’s truly the secret to happiness.

For more Lippy Girl Cosmetics, please visit www.lippygirl.com and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.  Thank you for reading – I’d love to hear your thoughts after reading Darcey’s story!