Imagine a glass half full of murky water.  Now imagine that you are pouring in fresh, clear water to fill the rest of the glass.  Very quickly, the beautiful clean water you just poured in is now also filthy.

Go back to the glass half full of murky water, dump it out (maybe give it a good rinse too) and then fill it up, all the way up, with your fresh –from- the- mountain- stream water.  Huge difference, right?

Are you holding on to murky water?  Is your glass muddied by people, events, commitments that you are probably better off without?

Today I want you to ask yourself what you are holding on to, what you need to let go of, to allow for more positive energy, creative joy, and moments of laughter into your life.  Is it a mindset?  Is it a grudge or two?  Is it a commitment of your time that is more of a drain than a joy?

What do you need to help you dump your glass?  Courage?  Support?  The promise of new water to fill it with?

Whatever you normally do before bed today, can you stop doing it 10 minutes before crawling between the sheets and write or think about this?

Uncovering the answers to these questions can help you release your Self by removing unnecessary gunk from your creative space.  It’s not always a clear-cut, black and white process.  It can even be quite lengthy.  However, remember, that if you start asking yourself these questions today you are already a year ahead in the process than if you waited another 12 months to look at your glass.