It happened at the dentist office.  This woman randomly (well, not really) started telling me about the past year of her life and the more she talked the more I wanted to ask her, “Hey!!  Have you been doing the Tuesday Tasks?!”  She revealed to me how she had been spurred for some reason to start taking better care of herself.  She looked at her life, found her imbalances, made some changes, decluttered the heck out of her physical, emotional and mental spaces, remembered a buried dream THE NIGHT BEFORE WE MET and then told it to someone….ME!  And I’m like a happy puppy, smiling and nodding, tail practically wagging, wanting to scream “I KNOW!!  I KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON!”  I could see her brilliant, beautiful path just rolling itself out in front of her like a better-than-Hollywood red carpet.  And that, dear Readers, was the Universe saying “Taslim, meet Coaching Client.  Coaching Client, meet Taslim.  Now have fun, kids!”

The awesome part is that my dental appointment had been rescheduled twice – if I had been able to keep my original appointment or if the dental office didn’t have to change my second appointment, I would never have met this person.  Ain’t life grand? 

“Coincidences” are one of the most exciting parts of life for me.  What have your experiences been with “coincidences”?  I have a hard time not using quotation marks with that word because I actually think that, by definition, they don’t exist; whenever we believe something has happened by coincidence, it has actually been triggered by us somehow and then followed through with by the Universe.

We haven’t done this in awhile, so pull out your journal or task binder and let your pen flow over the following:

  • I believe coincidences are ___________.
  • If I really have some power in triggering events in my life _____________.
  • Phrases like “Ask and ye shall receive” or “Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it” make me feel ____________.

There are other writing prompts here for you, whenever you have a few moments to commit to pen and paper.