Do you ever feel like most of your day could be run on auto-pilot?  For many of us, significant portions of our day are fairly routine.  We become stuck in our patterns – physically and mentally – when we do the same thing in the same way over and over again.  Think about your typical day.  Do you commute the same way to and from work – along the same streets, using the same mode of transportation?  Do you rotate the same meals every week?  If I saw you every Thursday would you be wearing the same outfit?  Sometimes we don’t even realize we’re in this sleep-walking haze.  Kind of scary to think that weeks, months and years can go by in this way.

For today’s task I encourage you to see how you can shake things up a little – it could mean trying a new recipe this week or taking a new route to work.  Or maybe instead of walking blindly past the stores in downtown on your way to lunch, take a moment to look up and maybe step into a store that draws you in.

I did this a few weeks ago.  As usual, I hastened down the stairs eager to get to my writing before the kids stirred.  I walked into my studio and made a beeline for my laptop, finger posed, ready to boot up.  Suddenly, I halted in mid-step and became aware, aware, of the fact that I had done this morning after morning for months at that point.  I was acutely conscious of the fact that by doing the same thing every morning I am in danger of missing out on something.  So I took a few minutes, lit a candle, sat in my reading chair and forced myself to look around the room, through the windows onto the lamp-lit street and just breathe.

Becoming aware, snapping out of the sleepy existence, does wonders for your creativity.  After all, how could I describe the beautiful foggy scene that surrounded my home that morning if I didn’t open my eyes and soak it in?   How would I know that the atmosphere hugging the road was layers of undisturbed water droplets if I didn’t experience it?

Maybe on your new route, through your new lenses of awareness, you will discover something worth exploring.  Trying a new recipe may lead to another idea – perhaps hosting a dinner party if it’s been awhile.  Or starting your own cooking club.  Or a blog about your creations.  The possibilities are endless once you open up to them.

So, snap out of it, shake it up, stir it up, do whatever it takes to keep that energy flowing!  If you’d like to share your thoughts on this post, I’d be happy to read your comments!  How are YOU going to meet this task?