Just a reminder – the contest to win Karen Maezen Miller‘s book, Momma Zen Walking the Crooked Path of Motherhood, closes at 5 pm PST this Friday, Oct. 28.  Read about the contest hereI’m really excited about this contest because I’ve been wanting to hold one for some time now.  I like games and contests (especially ones that require little physical effort – so you’d never catch me volunteering myself for some crazy obstacle course race or anything like that.  As a child, I absolutely dreaded Sports Day!) and I love giving stuff away! So, when I started hanging out in the blogosphere – the world of contests, giveaways and all kinds of fun games – I got the itch!  Huge thank you again to Karen for her generous donation!

Who doesn’t love a good book?

Another passion of mine is supporting small businesses.  Sometimes I sound like an advertisement for my friends’ and family’s businesses and I absolutely love doing it!  Right now I feel like my world is bursting with creative, talented, hard-working go-getters who  started with a dream and are now sharing their vision with the rest of us.  What is truly awesome about what these people are doing is they have had to overcome challenges that many of us face – demands on their time, their space, their energy, their financial resources.  Not to mention, they all have critics (inner and outer!) plus there are emotional implications of stepping outside their comfort zones.  BUT…there are huge benefits to following your dreams!!

I will be showcasing their stories right here on Let ME Out!!  What better place to highlight creative visionaries than on a blog all about creativity and living a balanced, passionate life?!  Stay tuned for interviews and much more!

Have a lovely Wednesday!