Before I jump into this week’s task, I want to sincerely thank all of you readers and welcome the new folks who have tuned in to share my journey and explore your own.  Your time, energy and encouragement are so appreciated – you have no idea how much this adds to my life!  And some exciting news:  today you have helped me surpass (by a long shot) my all-time highest number of views in one day!!  So thank you, thank you, thank you!  It thrills me to no end to be meeting such awesome people “out there” through your comments (here and on facebook), private messages, and tweets.  So much to be thankful for!

To the folks just tuning in, every Tuesday I suggest a little task (ok, sometimes they are medium to large sized tasks!) that encourage you to explore different areas of your life.  They serve to move energy around, allow for self-discovery, prompt creative release…and sometimes they’re there just to make you smile and do something fun!  The links to all of the Tuesday Tasks can be found here for easy reference.

And now, without further ado, here’s today’s!

Is there someone who deserves your gratitude?  Maybe there’s someone from your past who made a difference to you at one point in your life, or who did something small but generous for you a long time ago.  Maybe there’s someone you speak to every day but who doesn’t know how much or why you appreciate them.  Send them a note in the mail!  I know it’s not the fastest way to deliver a message, but isn’t it exciting to get something in the mail that is NOT a bill, a leaflet about gutter cleaning or a public hearing notice?  I think so!  On the rare occasion something fun finds its way to my mailbox, it is the last piece of mail I open – kind of like saving the cheesiest bite for last (because it’s the best!).

I wrote a thank you letter a couple of years ago to an English teacher I had in junior high school.  In a way, she was my first friend in junior high, as utterly nerdy as that sounds.  Anyway, I still have that letter; I gave up trying to locate her.  I think I should try again.  It shouldn’t be THAT hard to find someone in this day and age, right?

Whoever you choose to write to, you’re going to make them feel really great.  By the way, there’s no limit to the number of thank you’s you can send out.  Consider trying to reach out to someone regularly.  I keep a box of stationary cards on my desk so that I have easy access to one when I think of someone I haven’t chatted with in awhile.  In 10 minutes I can write out a paragraph to say hello, address it and stamp it – ready to send on its way to someone else’s mailbox where it can rest among a pile of bills, waiting to be discovered!

Have fun!