I get my hair cut every 3 months.  It wasn’t a conscious decision to pencil in my appointments like that; it just so happens that when my bangs get to that unbearable length when I’m not quite sure if they are still bangs or just another layer, 3 months have gone by since my last cut.  I’ve been going to the same stylist at Michauds Salon Spa & Wellness Centre for the past 2 ½ years and I absolutely love her.  Cari is the perfect balance of chatty and calm.  Actually, she is a fabulous listener and I am secretly suspicious that she takes notes on our conversations after I leave because, the next time I am in, we pick up where we left off – and she remembers so many details!  Whatever she does, it works for me because I really enjoy talking to her and this past appointment I realized one of the reasons why:  our conversations are an excellent gauge for me to determine my personal progress since we last chatted.


When I first started going to her, I told her how I moved to this new city (which was why I changed salons), and then when my son was born I filled her in on the sleep deprivation (between you and me, I think I single-handedly scared her off of motherhood!) and I talked about all the things I missed doing.  Then another appointment came around and we chatted about this great non-profit organization I started working with.  At the next appointment she got excited about the writing group I started hosting and named a few friends who might be interested in joining.  Cari is involved and engaged when I speak and also throws back some of my comments to me for my own reflection.  “Do you hear how excited you sound when you talk about these things?  It’s great!”

This past appointment someone else washed my hair and escorted me to Cari’s chair where I debated reaching for the celebrity-candy magazine perched on her counter; it was actually kind of nice to not have anything in my hand but I wondered how long I’d have to wait, and if it was going to be a few minutes I might as well read about who’s wearing what in Hollywood.  Enquiring minds sometimes want to know!  Anyway, I didn’t have to debate this really deep issue for long because Cari came ‘round the corner and I literally sat up straighter in my seat, happy to see her fabulous smile and ever-changing hair style.

We chatted about her trip to Spain which she had been excited about the last time we met and then she asked me how my summer was.  Well, you all know how exciting this summer has been!  I’ve been meeting YOU people!  I told her about Let ME Out!! and the wonderful things that have manifested since its inception:  the people I’ve interacted with, the personal growth I am experiencing (which comes with crazy twists and stretches), and the fire it has lit for me to follow my own passions and help others find and follow theirs.

I left that appointment with a new outlook that had nothing to do with the fact that I could actually see past my hair.  I decided to really lay down my plans in the “quarters” of my life.  In other words, what am I going to accomplish between hair appointments…what do I want to be able to tell Cari about when she next saves me from my overgrown coif?

A system like that, as silly as it may seem in this context, is actually a great way to stay accountable to your goals.  This is something that a coach can help you with. To channel your fabulous dreams into attainable goals, these goals must be broken down into manageable steps.  A coach can help you do that and help you stay on track.

If you have any questions about coaching services or would like to leave a comment about experiences you’ve had with this type of thing, I’d love to hear from you!