The following task is one of my favourites from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  I’m suggesting it for today’s Tuesday Task because it is a sure-fire way to:

a) remember the little things you enjoy and

b)get a good gauge for how long it’s been since you’ve enjoyed them.

Grab a sheet of paper and number it down the left hand side from 1-20.  Beside each number write something that you enjoy doing, even if it’s something you haven’t done in awhile.  After you have listed your 20 items, go back to the first one and ask yourself, “When was the last time I did this?” and then write down a specific year or date that you remember last doing this.

I did this task in January 2009.  A couple of the activities I’d listed that day I hadn’t engaged in in 9 or 10 years (going to the beach by myself which I talk about here, and attending poetry readings).  It was nice to see that there were some things I had done in my recent past that were meaningful to me (reading, baking for friends, dreaming about the future, researching on the ‘net).  That was actually very important for me – to see that I was still connected to some of my hobbies.  It wasn’t all dim!

Have fun with this one and don’t be discouraged if your list is full of activities you haven’t done in years!

This is a great starting point for goals you can set for yourself.  For example, that poetry reading…it did take me another year to get to a reading but by the following year (January 2011) I actually read my work at one!  Sometimes when you write things down, you don’t realize what kinds of events you are setting in motion!

And don’t forget to smile about the things you are currently doing for yourself when you get to them.  I know it’s not easy to juggle it all and to manage the few minutes of reading or sewing that you get.  Enjoy every minute of it!

If you’d like to share some of the items on your list, feel free to post a comment!