I did something very unusual this morning.  I packed for a trip.  Not just any vacation.  This is my first get-away without my children and I do believe my first time travelling solo in my entire married life.  That’s almost an entire decade.  That is too long.

This mini-vacay is just that: two nights, not too far away, just girls.  We have a couple adventurous things planned and some lounging things planned.  Really, I would love to just sleep the entire 48 hours but I don’t think that will be well-received.  Besides, maybe I will feel rejuvenated just by the sheer fact that my body will be my body for an entire two days: not an elevator to help anyone go up and down the stairs, not a door stopper to prevent a certain toddler from opening and shutting (and opening and shutting) my French doors, not a bum-wiper, mess-cleaner, meal-maker, question-answerer etc.  Just me. (And 6 other girls).

Don’t get me wrong – I’ll think of the kids and wonder what they’re up to and if the adults left in charge of them will be doing all the things I would hope that they are doing.  Gosh, I hope I’m not going to be one of those moms who tells a million stories about them that nobody wants to hear.  Ok, note to self:  don’t do that! 

When was the last time you took a mini-vacay from your life?  Did you sleep the whole time or were you surprised by a new-found energy?  What was your favourite part of the trip?  WHEN ARE YOU DOING IT AGAIN?  If it’s been awhile, jot down some ideas of where you might like to go or what kind of vacation you need.  Some people enjoy engaging in wild and crazy activities while others could spend an entire day in a hammock, reading.  Think about it.  Write about it – I’ll log these prompts here.  Share it, too, if you like – I’m listening!  Or tell everyone by leaving a comment below!

Ciao for now – see you in a few days!