Whether you are looking at this from a religious background or simply are a believer in the Laws of Nature – here is one of the most important lessons I have learned over the past few years.  ASK, ASK, ASK for what you want and you WILL receive it.  For me, the messages are never subtle – what I need usually hits me over the head or trips my feet so that I have no choice but to see it.  There isn’t anything mysterious or romantic about it.  I don’t have to decode it and stretch it to fit my idea of what I think the “answer” might be.  Here’s today’s example:

I have been ignoring my body for years and now can no longer do so.  It is literally aching for me to love and honour it.  I don’t even have to ask my body what it needs to feel better; it has been whispering “I miss yoga” to me for awhile now, among other things.  After committing to listen to my body’s messages, I attended a cardio/weights class this past weekend and also decided to look into yoga classes.  There are some offered at my community centre but I thought it would be neat to be a yogi in an actual yoga studio.  I have been concentrating on that idea in my head for the past 5 days – to find a yoga studio close to my home that offers the type of yoga that I need.  Well, today I woke up to one of those daily deals that get sent to my email inbox (and largely ignore) and guess what??  Unlimited yoga classes for one month at a yoga studio 5 minutes from my home (that I didn’t even know existed) for 82% off the regular price!  Really?  That’s practically free!  Not only that, but they offer the specific types of yoga I am interested in practicing, including rooftop sessions that overlook the beach.  Really!  So, maybe I’ll get hooked (I’m hoping!) and then buy a membership that costs…well, 82% more than what I’m paying for this coupon but that’s an investment I’m willing to make!

And that’s just today’s example.  My husband often tells me that I need to concentrate on winning the lottery because my prayers tend to get answered rather literally.  I am quite sure that I don’t have unique special powers.  I am certain that synchronicity is a law that all beings on earth abide by.  And I absolutely know that if you aren’t consciously aware of them, your answered prayers/thoughts/concentrations/mantras will float right over your head into that space where things like grade 10 math and dinosaur facts hide.

Tomorrow’s task will focus on this idea – time to dust the cobwebs off that wonderful reciprocal relationship we ALL have and start using it for our benefit!