Yesterday I posted my first weekly assignment, known as “Try-This Tuesday“, and I want to share with you a bit of background on how I came up with my own list.

Previously, I explained to you how I had started feeling uneasy around the time I was to graduate with my B.A. in Psychology and Linguistics.  I was too afraid to explore this feeling because I did not want it to reveal that I was headed in the wrong direction, career-wise.  I had decided I was going to be a speech-language pathologist 4 years prior, and I most certainly did not want to deviate from this plan.  I felt that if I did, I would be “behind” on my life goals.

But that part of me that was trying to speak up prompted me to sit down in a quiet corner of the Women’s Centre at my university, with a sheet of paper and a pen (my best buds) and I started making a list of things that made me happy, excited me, interested me…people, places, objects, activities.  I’m not sure how long I sat there (remember, this was about 10 years ago) but when I felt I had finished, I had 3 columns of words written in green ink.

Here’s what I did next:  I folded up the piece of paper until it fit neatly in the palm of my hand and stuffed it into my journal where it lived for the next several years.  I did not recognize this desire to make a list as my own plea for help, a cry to take a moment and look around wide-eyed, clear-headed, and open-minded!  But that’s OK.  Realizing this now has given me the faith that I need to have in my Self – the faith to know that as long as I am open to it, I am presented with guidance and direction from within, always!  And so are you!

And YOU, dear Readers, will actually do something with these beautiful words that represent YOU!!  I’ll give you a suggestion tomorrow on what you can do with your list…be sure to hang on to it as we will refer to it numerous times throughout this journey.