“Try-This” Tuesday is short for “I strongly suggest you try this exercise today, which is Tuesday, or at least within the next 24 hours.”  But I think Try-This Tuesday will suffice!  My hope in offering these weekly suggestions is that they give you a practical, tangible tool that will bring you another step closer to remembering and releasing your creative Self.

You may want to keep all of your Tuesday tasks together in a spiral notebook, or if you’re using looseleaf paper you may want to gather them in a binder.  You will reference these tasks throughout your journey.

For today’s task, you will need paper, pen and a minimum of 10 minutes of uninterrupted time.  Sit down somewhere comfortable and make a list of things, people, places, and activities – ANYTHING that comes to your mind that you find interesting, enjoyable or in any way positive.  Don’t analyze or judge the words that are coming out.  Just write.  You may hear a voice telling you that some of the words you are generating are silly or inappropriate.  Ignore that voice.  That’s your Censor – we have no use for it.  I will definitely introduce my Censor to you and ask you to have a few words with your own in the next little while.  But for this task, push it away if it intrudes on your fun by not giving it the time of day!

When you feel your list is complete, or when your child creeps downstairs from bed with his latest reason for not being able to sleep, put your list away (but keep it accessible) and come back to it over the next couple days, adding new items as needed but not removing any.  It may actually be easier to keep a smaller notebook on you or even a sheet of looseleaf folded up and tucked in your pocket – something you can pull out wherever you are, when a word enters your head that should be on your list.  You can always transfer these words to your original list later.

HAVE FUN WITH THIS!  The feedback that I have received from other people who have tried this task is that it is enjoyable and I am sure you will have the same experience!

On Thursday, I will ask you to do something with this list – stay tuned!