A Little P.S.

Excuse me, did I say in my post The Shadow Artist that my brother doesn’t write?  Well, as I was composing that post, he was designing a blog to debut his awesome writer Self!  And he’s already posted twice!  I’m so proud of him!  Check out his phenomenal way with words!

Sometimes all we need is a reminder to look at our Self and love what we see.

2 thoughts on “A Little P.S.

  1. Thanks for the encouragement big Sister! Every time I say I’m not cut out for something, you give me a reason why I am that I can’t argue with! A very positive experience following your blog! Keep on helping others rediscover themselves!

    1. Well…I do enjoy stumping you with my rebuttals! But seriously, I have always admired your creativity and I’m so happy the rest of the world will get to enjoy it too! We all have something to give, something that brings joy to others as much as to our Selves. Looking forward to this journey with you!

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